A Guide to The Best Coffee Blogs, Podcasts, YouTubers and More...

Welcome to our brand new library of coffee resources! 

This list will be updated regularly, with all our favourite coffee-focused websites, must-read coffee blogs, youtube channels, podcasts and books, so that it can become a hub of information for everyone.

We want to make specialty coffee more accessible and we believe that information is there to be shared - Even collaborating on this list, each of us found out about something we hadn’t heard of before! (Got your own recommendations? Drop us an email here

We hope that whatever area of coffee you’re curious about, there’ll be something on this list that gets you excited…


Barista Hustle - Educational Platform
Affordable online courses on a variety of subjects
(If you’re one of our coffee subscription customers you’ll already have access to this)

Perfect Daily Grind - Online News Publication
Articles on all aspects of specialty coffee, for enthusiasts and coffee professionals alike

- Online News Publication
Coffee news and culture, city coffee guides, and a podcast network

Lance Hedrick - YouTube Channel
Informational videos, product reviews, latte art and brewing tips

James Hoffman - YouTube Channel
Informational videos, product reviews and brewing guides

Making Coffee with Lucia Solis - Podcast
In-depth episodes on coffee processing, conversations with coffee growers and producers

Boss Barista - Podcast
Conversations with coffee professionals about gender, race, sex and other important issues in coffee

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Podcast + Courses
Stories, lectures and interviews from SCA events and competitions around the world

Scott Rao - Books + Blog
Influential books on coffee brewing and roasting practices, and an in-depth blog
Books: The Professional Barista’s HandbookEverything But EspressoThe Coffee Roaster’s Companion

Rob Hoos - Blog + Book
Roasting-focused blog posts and book Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee

Sip'n' Slurp, Freda Yuan - Book
A guide to expert coffee tasting and improving your sensory awareness

Mat North - Blog + Book
Blogs and podcasts on the industry, transparency, coffee brewing and more
Coffee: A Modern Field Guide

Christopher Feran - Blog
Writing on coffee farming, coffee origins, processing methods and more

Coffee ad Astra - Website and book
Scientific data and methods to improve the preparation of pour-over coffee
The Physics of Filter Coffee

Standart - Print Magazine
Quarterly publication, exploring the beauty and diversity of coffee culture and its community

Caffeine - Magazine
Specialty coffee guide, with accompanying podcast and blog

Coffee Events & Festivals - Some to look out for…
Notts Coffee Festival
Manchester Coffee Festival
London Coffee Festival
Sheffield Coffee Festival

Coffee Workshops
We run Home Brewing and Home Espresso workshops at our roastery in Sneinton. (If you’re further afield, your local coffee roastery probably offers something similar!)