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Having always had a passion for serving the people of Nottingham, Alex decided to launch his first café in the city centre alongside his wife, Becci. They intentionally designed the café and attached coffee roastery to create the best in-café environment and culture possible, serving both exceptionally high-quality food and coffee—an unfamiliar concept at that time.

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We focus on buying traceable higher quality coffee from individual farmers and washing stations — influenced by flavour more than price. From farm to cup, we seek to preserve the unique flavours and characteristics of individual regions instead of the homogenised, dark-roasted coffee flavour found in most high street brands.

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Seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, carefully crafted menus, and freshly baked pastries are some of the things that we care about most. Well, apart from coffee, that is.

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Our coffee bags are 100% recyclable, and the tasting cards are made from recycled coffee cups. Waste chaff and grounds from the roastery go to allotments to be used in compost. And our energy comes from 100% renewable sources—even the fuel for our electric van. Just some of the things we're doing to protect our planet and minimise our environmental impact.

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