5 New Years Resolutions You Don’t Have to Break

A recent UK study found that 64% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions before the end of January. With ‘Quitters Day’ being just the 12th of January, it’s clear to see that our set resolutions are often too difficult or too tedious to uphold. 

Another reason that resolutions are hard to stick to is how vague we make them: get fit, eat more healthily, sleep better; these are all popular resolutions that have no clear, final goal or route to reach them.

However, some resolutions are hard to follow because they can become inconvenient. Using less plastic, eating less meat, drinking less caffeine – these resolutions often require help from your local businesses, and can mean reducing your options or compromising your joy. 

In this blog, I want to show how Cartwheel can help to support your resolutions – new or existing – in a way that is easy, accessible, and doesn’t compromise.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthily is often one of the most difficult resolutions to uphold. From home, your choices are as extensive as your imagination; but eating out is a big red flag, bound to pile on the calories, right?

When meeting up with friends or family, those wanting to eat healthily are often the last to pick a place to eat – and it’s assumed that there will be at least ‘something’ you can have, which may only be one or two options. When you do go somewhere that specialises in healthy food, the compromise can sometimes be a bland and boring menu.

At Cartwheel, we are passionate about inclusivity and accessibility, which is why we offer a diverse menu with an exciting mix of sweet and savoury, for fit days and cheat days.

Whether it’s the protein packed Chia Pudding Pot after a workout, Smashed Avo and Eggs at brunch with friends, or splitting a stack of Pancakes on a lazy Sunday.

Eating out doesn’t have to mean eating bland! 

Eat Less Meat

Cutting out meat is often a big goal at the turn of the New Year, with many people participating in the recent January trend: Veganuary.

Although, more recently, restaurants and cafés have started opening their menus up to the vegan community, the options can still be limited.

We want to ensure that plant based options are equally accessible, so over half of our menu items are vegan or vegetarian! We also offer customisable options, which means that you take the bacon off your Pancakes or add vegan butter to your Toast.

Both of our cafés also stock oat milk as our vegan substitute, which you can swap out in any of the milk-based drinks in our menu.

Your food and drink, always made your way.

Drink Less Caffeine 

A new year can often make us reflect on our habits, which can make the transfer from your usual routine that much harder.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a coffee lover too. Maybe you’ve also thought about swapping out one of your coffee’s each week to go decaf, but you’ve found it just doesn’t taste the same?

We put a lot of time, tasting and research into our decaf coffee at Cartwheel. Since then, Legoman Decaf has been our go to decaf coffee year after year. Why? Because you can barely tell it’s decaffeinated!

This decaf is from a single producer, Juan Carlos Lopez; something we've not seen before for a decaf lot; and it is also decaffeinated locally to Juan’s farm.

It doesn’t have to be a permanent relationship, as we have tons of unique, caffeinated coffees in stock every month, but it could be worth giving this one a try next time you’re in-store!

Use Less Plastic

Reducing our plastic use is on everyone’s minds at the moment, leading into 2022. Whether it’s single use plastics in your shopping products, or simply knowing how to recycle your plastics properly, everything helps!

We believe it’s our responsibility to do our part in protecting the planet, which is why Cartwheel is continually working to become a sustainable business. To date, we have trialled an electric van for deliveries, cut out single use plastics from our cafés, and currently reuse/compost our food waste. But we also acknowledge that there is still more work to be done.

Because of this, we made it our mission to ensure that our coffee doesn’t come with a single-use plastic burden. We’re always willing to hear your feedback too; so we’ve shown you how to reuse our packaging clips, as well as how to properly recycle our coffee bags through industrial recycling.

Cartwheel is working to make the coffee experience guilt free, and without compromise. Our bags will keep coffee fresh just as long as a single-use bag, but ours is recyclable!

Support Local/ Independent Businesses

Buying our beans, bringing a friend over for brunch, following us on Instagram, or recommending us to your family, are all big ways that you can support us as a local, independent business.

Cartwheel is currently made up of two cafés in Nottingham, one in the City Centre and one in Beeston. We’ve even spoken about the origins of Cartwheel and our coffee journey before!

If you come to our café in Beeston, we’re right near the local high street which is teeming with independent business life, such as Essen General Store and The Little Plant Guys!

We love serving you in our cafés, reading your reviews online, and sharing your artwork, posts, and YouTube videos.

So come over and share a coffee with us.