Ethical Tote Bags

Ethical Tote Bags

Introducing our brand new organic tote bags!

Not all totes are created equal. So we partnered with Bags of Ethics to produce bags that not only look the part (well, at least nice enough that you'd be up for using them to carry your veg home from the supermarket), but that are also sustainably and ethically made. This helps to minimise our (and your) impact on the planet and helps to honour those further back in the supply chain.

Here are some of our favourite uses:

- to take gifts of baked goods to your friends

- to hang in your kitchen to hold other, lesser, tote bags

- to hide Christmas presents from prying eyes

- a new packed lunch box with flexible food storage

- to return your used coffee bags to us so they can be recycled.

I mean, should we go on?!

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